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Know Me

by Charles Goose

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Charles Goose releases first single titled 'Know Me' off of his upcoming EP (South For The Winter) releasing on March 14.



Everybody now be knowin something I don't know
Everybody think they see me they don't even know
Everybody pointing fingers while I'm laying low
I'm just laying low I'm just tryina lay low
slow your roll that's rock Johnson
What's poppin
Tingle in your tongue
Pop rockin
Sweet talkin, that deep talk,
But that deep talk just weak talk,
Bunch a rumours goin round might just call it city walk
Wait a lil while promise you gone hear the city talk
it's just jibba jabba to me bout to call it china wok
No photoshop round these parts
High res, stay raw,
My flaws, you see
Then I see you judge me
What's it all about tell me what's it all about
Rumor going round tryina chase me outta town
Call the Uber make me scuba send me underground
So I gotta keep my head up I aint bout to drown


What you know what you know what you know about me.
You ain't know you ain't know you ain't know about
Check the score you gone know you gone know about me
Say whatever I ain't never gone let you stop me


Just a little tired of hearing all the voices talkin at once
Got me lit & fired up I ain't even able to have some fun
Don't even get me started this so retarded tryina make me go dumb
But Gods my witness I ain't gotta prove nothing to none
Man I think you better go and check your optical
You be seeing me but never ever seen yourself
I got a little speck you ain't got no respek
No birdman, I'm the gooseman
Sometimes have a loose canon
I say thangs I don't wanna say
But i say them cz I'm done playin
Goin ham beef pork & steak
Better go on out & get me a plate
Put some sauce on it
That BBQ you think it's cute
Don't try me come find me
Im chillin just rhyming
I'm minding my own
So don't, just don't


released February 16, 2017
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Marvs Productions


all rights reserved



Charles Goose Los Angeles, California

Charles Goose a is Los Angeles, Ca based hip hop/rap artist, co-producer and visual artist. He is currently unsigned and is the founder of the movement “SFTW” (South For The Winter).

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